Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
(University California Los Angeles)
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
BOX 498 1000 West Carson St.
Torrance, California 90509

University of Liège, Belgium- MD awarded 1987.
Belgium Board Certified in Psychiatry 1992
USA Board Certified in Psychiatry 2008
Visiting Scholar Beck Institute (Cognitive Therapy). Philadelphia. 2006.
University of California Los Angeles. Psychiatric Residency 2005./CBT/DBT Training
Visiting Fellow in Psychiatry-The McLean Center for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder-
Harvard Medical School Affiliate. Professor John Gunderson, Supervisor (2005)
Visiting Fellow in Psychiatry - Personality Disorders Institute and the Cornell Psychotherapy Program,
Cornell University Medical College. Professor Otto Kernberg, Supervisor (1997).

Professional experience (recent):
Attending Psychiatrist (July 2005-current)at Harbor UCLA
MD Asian Pacific Special services foe Adults (July 2004-current)
St Vincent de Rocourt Hospital (University of Liège affiliate Belgium) 1992-1999: Attending Psychiatrist
Doctors without Borders. Algeria, 1998.
Medicus Mundi International (MMI): Abidjan, Ivory Coast.1985.

Honors and Awards:
Honorable Mention Award.  National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality
Disorder, in partnership with the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
(Narsad) 2007.
Best Role Model. Harbor UCLA. 2007.
Excellence in Teaching by a Resident. Harbor UCLA 2005
Outstanding Resident Award for “Outstanding Clinical and Teaching Skills in the Area of Personality
Disorders.” Southern California Psychiatric Society. 2005.
A. Rogawski Prize. UCLA NPI. 2004. “Words, memories, Synapses: The Biological Art of Psychotherapy."


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Grosjean B:  Differentiating Borderline Personality Disorder from Bipolar Disorder. The Carlat Report
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"De la folie des rues à la polysémie des écoles : plaidoyer pour une psychiatrie post moderne" (in French :
From the madness in the streets to the diversity of theories : Plea for a Postmodern Psychiatry »)  Key
note speaker XV International Congres des Hôpitaux de Jour Psychiatriques Lausanne. Switzerland.
Octobre 2012.

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Psychiatric Association Annual meeting Philadelphia May 2012

“The med check visit’:  is psychiatry becoming en endangered species?” Harbor UCLA Grand Round
March 2012.

“Dual challenge in the field: how to identify and treat patients with comorbid diagnoses of bipolar and
borderline personality disorders” Grosjean B. APA Honolulu Mai 2011.

Grosjean B "Psychiatry in the streets of Los Angeles: from deinstitutionalization to dereliction to hope?"
(Grand Round Belgium University of Liege February 2010)

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“A Difficult Waltz: Death and the Therapist.” ULG. Grand Round.1994 (Belgium).
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