The Evolution of Psychiatry....
LISTEN ON NPR:  " 81 Words" The story of how the
American Psychiatric Association decided in 1973 that
homosexuality was no longer a mental illness.
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The Lobotomist  
an amazing PBS documentary
(American Experience) check their
web page here

you can watch the program
directly here

When WWII Pacifists  
Mental Ward Horrors
Listen to the history of Charlies Lord who exposed the misery
in US psychiatric hospital in 1946 on
NPR AllThings Considered
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About prof. Nash ("A beautiful Mind")

Check the Interview with Dr. John Nash at the
1st Meeting of Laureates in Economic Sciences
in Lindau  2004. Around min 21, he answers
question about his schizophrenia and he he has
been off medication since the 70ies…

check here for his entire interview. The part
when he speaks about his recovery from
Click here and check the video of the C-Span review of Book:
'ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC" by Robert Whitaker (1h 28min)
In that lecture, the 1998 Pulitzer Prize Finalist and author of
"Mad in America" discussed the rise in diagnosis of mental
illness in the U.S. and the proliferation of drugs to medicate
various conditions. Mr. Whitaker contended that drugs do little
to balance imbalanced brain chemistry. The event is at the
National Arts Club in New York.